The focus of my work right now is supporting people to lead themselves and others through the uncertainty of change and thrive in the process. Done with intention and awareness, leading through change necessarily involves personal transformation as perceptions shift, inner blocks release, and purpose realised. From this personally awake place, the potentials and possibilities for urgently needed collective change are vast.


Over 25 years of business experience includes chartered accountant & external auditor (ACA), M&A deal manager (diploma in Corporate Finance & Investment Analysis), team leader, account manager, (all at KPMG), executive and life coach (UK CLC 2002 & NLP practitioner 2003), workshop facilitator specialising in change and leadership (trained by Sheppard Moscow, Imparta, The Mind Gym), business founder (2004).

Body, energy and awareness experience and training includes somatic coaching, conscious breathing, mindfulness based stress reduction, energetic NLP, reiki and emotional freedom technique.

Teaching experience includes a Maths PCGE and teaching 11-18 year olds.

Education includes a 1st Class BSc Honours in Maths.


We all have a story of change…a sequence of events and experiences, inner and outer, which fundamentally reshape our life and can reveal our path here in the world if we pay close attention. I invite you to read my full story in a blog I wrote HERE so that you can get to know me and perhaps be inspired to reflect on your own life journey and where it is leading you.

The nutshell version of my story involves three phases of awakening in my adult life over a twenty year period of time, each phase being an expression of the interaction between the stages of adult development, the life cycle of a professional woman, and the call of a deeper purpose for my life..

Phase 1 arrived in my early thirties when I began to shift from a mode of my identity being defined by the expectations of my environment, to a mode of exploring who I was without that external imposition. After four years of dancing in the space between these two modes, I finally accepted and embraced the reality that there was no longer a match between myself and my place of work, and it was time to break free. This was a very big deal for me at the time. What I didn’t know was that the journey had only just begun.

Fast forward to my early forties and phase 2 began to build, culminating in the perfect storm of inner and outer events, with the accompanying crisis and crash. Phase 2 was not the liberating transition of phase 1. It was tough. But through it I learned about accepting and loving myself more, listening to my inner voice, and understanding who I am and what fulfils me at a deeper level.

Phase 3 is happening right now as I enter my 50s. A crisis and crash wasn’t needed this time as I’m much better at listening to my inner world! I suspect phase 3 is about flow, expression, collaboration, simplicity, joy…and sharing my accumulated wisdom.


I love to write, read, have stimulating connecting conversations with people about life, the universe and everything, mess about with paint and canvas, and walk in the continually changing landscape of nature. These things inspire, nourish and rejuvenate me. They support me to be my fullest potential.

I’d love to support you in expressing your fullest potential as a leader.


This is your one precious life on our one precious planet so get in touch now. There is work to be done.

Drop me a line here. I'd love to hear from you.