Step Into Your Future

Navigate Uncertainty With Confidence And Chart A New Path

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Next group program begins Winter 2020

Would You Love To Make A Step Change With Confidence And Clarity?
  • Are you a professional at a key point in your life or work, knowing it’s time for a step change and wanting to clarify the best way ahead?
  • Are you looking to find space to think amidst all the plates you’re spinning and expectations you’re managing?
  • Do you want to recapture your sense of purpose and passion and identify a new range of possibilities?

Perhaps you’re transitioning into or out of a role at work, considering setting up your own business, making the leap to a portfolio career, or are a freelancer/small business owner whose workflow has been severely impacted by recent events now keen to rebuild in a more sustainable and purposeful way.

Or you’ve been in role awhile and have wanted to make a broader contribution through it, but have felt tied up by the demands of day to day life. Lockdown may have given you insights into new ways of working that you’re keen to bring into your leadership and your workplace.

You might be facing a personal change, a redundancy, a significant birthday, children leaving home, a change in relationship status, retirement…or simply an inner impulse to use your time in as fulfilling and meaningful way as possible.

Whatever’s going is likely to prompt a mix of feelings – conflicted inside, a bit scared, confused and excited. You may not know precisely what you want but you do feel the unmistakeable call of something new.

If any of this resonates with you this transformational 8 weeks program is for you. It will give you greater inner steadiness amidst turbulence, clarity of thought despite ambiguity, spaciousness within pace, deeper connection in all your relationships, and fuller expression in your work, world and life. It will help you gather more of your inner resources, and learn the skills to cultivate and act on them.

"...putting in the time to focus on the Step Into Your Future program has resulted in one of the best transitions to a new role I have ever had. I found a deep sense of confidence that I have been missing for some time. I feel energised and have some new tools to utilise and reflect on that will help me to stay in this incredibly positive place. I think it is a monumental achievement for Mandy to help me to get to that point during a global pandemic and unprecedented uncertainty in my life and the world around me."

Tracy Isacke

Head of Vendor Relationships, Silicon Valley Bank

How This Program Will Benefit You


This ground-breaking program will transform your relationship to and experience of change, putting you in charge every step of the way, and guiding you to get to know yourself at a deeper level so that you can access inner confidence even amidst great uncertainty, and make choices that are right for you.

It will help you skilfully navigate the ambiguity and mess of transitions, review what truly matters, and devote time and energy to you, your fulfilment and your contribution.

The way it is structured takes you on a journey to build more openness to change, rediscover self-trust and purpose so that you can make decisions and take action with confidence, and connect with a new vision for your future.

It will support you to move into a new phase of personal and professional leadership where you have more impact because you know what you stand for and the value you add to your organisation, business, clients, world.

Throughout the program you also benefit by being part of a structured, guided and confidential transformation process with a small group (8 maximum) of like-minded companions who become your professional and personal allies.

“What you learn on this program is personal leadership. The framework we use gives you the foundation to successfully chart a new path taking all aspects of you on the journey.”
Here’s What’s Available For You To Learn


  • How to stay steady, present and clear thinking in uncertainty.
  • How to engage with your body and feelings as valuable sources of information.
  • How to think flexibly and creatively so that you can remain open to change and make good decisions.
  • How to be aware of your purpose and what’s calling you now.
  • How to build self belief and free yourself from old perceptions and success measures that aren’t yours.
  • How to open to new possibilities and get clear on your vision for the future.
  • How to design a strategy for action that’s fit for purpose in uncertainty and supports continual learning and progress.

What Makes This Program Especially Valuable


  • We are pioneering a new way to generate and experience growth and transformation that holds both strength and vulnerability at its core, is fully inclusive and responds to what is emerging. This mirrors what is being asked of us in the outer world right now.
  • You have the benefit of an experienced professional mentor by your side, someone who has a wealth of experience of the worlds of human transformation, business, and leadership.
“Imagine how your experience of change would be transformed if you felt steady amidst turbulence, could think clearly despite ambiguity, and took responsive and confident action.”
High Level Content By Module


Step Into Your Future is a two part program, in 8 themed modules. Over the 8 weeks you get an inner blue-print to navigate uncertainty, align for change and chart a new path. It uses a range of transformation techniques to address all aspects of you, and provides practical tools which are easy to learn and apply after the program.


The first part helps you get in shape to respond to change, and harness all your internal resources. The second part helps you focus them to flow with change and create the new. 


Part 1: Being In Shape For Change

Module 1: Your Reality Check 


This first module helps you identify where you are right now, the only place from which you can move in an authentic and empowered way. It gives you the thinking space to see what’s really happening in your world, amid the constant pressures, the goals you have to meet, and others’ expectations of you. Taking the time to assess honestly and clearly is the first essential skill in creating change that is sustainable.


Module 2: Settling In Your Body

Change starts with you, and being present in your body is fundamental to generating more stability in uncertainty. Modern-day living means we tend to live in our heads much of the time. That cuts us off from a lot of our internal resources and in challenging times our bodies take the toll. Being grounded and settled in your body gives you more ease and confidence, and with practise, a more powerful presence, access to a broader intelligence for wiser decision-making, and a feeling of being comfortable in your own skin.

Module 3: Dealing With Your Feelings

In times of uncertainty and change there can be a lot of different feelings to deal with. Recognising and acknowledging them builds confidence and creates greater trust in yourself and your abilities, so you can identify what you really care about. In this module you learn how to focus on what your feelings are alerting you to, how to process them, and how to magnify the ones that nourish you.

Module 4: Managing Your Mind

How your mind perceives uncertainty has a huge impact on how well you can use it to drive change. The mind can generate anxiety and thinking traps that keep you hostage, stuck where you are and closed to new possibilities. Module 4 provides straightforward practical techniques to expand your mind’s tolerance to uncertainty, cultivate flexible thinking, and discover greater openness, ease and creativity.

Part 2: Creating The New

Module 5: Define Your Purpose

A powerful question to ask is ‘Why am I here, and what do I want to accomplish?’ Module 5 creates the practical framework to address this question and drive your next purposeful steps. This involves cultivating the reflection and listening skills to explore the key components of your purpose – your values, passion, innate strengths, and greatest contribution – and to hear what’s calling you now. Define Your Purpose is the starting point for Part 2 because being clear about your purpose gives you a strong platform from which to make aligned, responsive choices. Living on purpose is also a key resilience tool and will sustain you in the challenges of change.

Module 6: Reduce Your Drag Factors

Old beliefs about yourself, the world, and what’s possible, limit your true potential. They show up most strongly just when you begin to make changes. Left unexamined, they restrict you and drive unconscious attitudes like striving to be perfect, self-doubt, self-editing, comparing yourself to others and holding on to what you know. All these hamper your ability to make a real impact in your work, your life, and your world and keep you stuck in your comfort zone. Module 6 helps you spotlight your old conditioned beliefs and apply techniques to free you from them.

Module 7: Forge Your Future

By module 7 you have already begun refocusing on a clear purpose, dissolving patterns of resistance, gaining greater clarity, and getting grounded in your body for greater creativity and ideas. This module combines what you’ve learned to get the creative juices flowing as you flesh out more fully the possibilities you’ve identified.

Module 8: Fast Forward

The final module of the program brings with it a shift of gear. It’s time now to make your change happen by designing a dynamic living strategy that will work for you and the times we’re in, and drive the responsive actions to make your vision for change a reality. It’s also time to celebrate the progress you’ve made. As you leave the program, you are equipped to boldly step into the future, with a valuable toolkit of practical frameworks, enquiries and exercises which you can revisit and draw on to stay on track.

When You Join This Program You’ll Receive


  • Monday Week 1: Group Welcome Call via Zoom video conferencing.
  • 8 subsequent group live calls on Thursdays as follows:

Being In Shape For Change

Week 1: Module 1 Your Reality Check

Week 2: Module 2 Settling In Your Body

Week 3: Module 3  Dealing With Your Feelings

Week 4 Module 4 Managing Your Mind 


Creating The New

Week 5: Module 5 Define Your Purpose

Week 6: Module 6  Reduce The Drag Factors

Week 7: Module 7 Forge Your Future

Week 8: Module 8 Fast Forward 


  • Audio recordings of each Module. These recordings, released on Monday mornings, contain an overview of the theme of the Module, training input, activations and homework. The first audio recording for module 1 is released immediately following the Welcome call on Monday Week 1, the recording for module 2 is released on Monday Week 2 etc.
  • Written PDFs of the audio content released alongside the recordings to inspire the visual learners amongst you.
  • Weekly homework practises and reflections designed to promote insight, new habit formation and new ways of being in the world.
  • A private online forum to share experiences, ask questions, and continue to build connection.
  • Traveller’s Guidebook to support your navigation of course material.
  • Route Map And Learning Log for you to complete as you move through the course as a way of monitoring your progress.
  • A full course manual released at the end of the program.
You’ll Also Receive These Complimentary Bonuses

BONUS 1: A guest speaker to be announced upon commencement of the program when the unique blend of the Group is apparent.

BONUS 2: A Group reconnect call 4 weeks after Completion.

Ready To Step Into Your Future?

If you want to take the very next step towards being empowered in change and creating a future that inspires you, then book in a free call with me to mutually explore fit with the program.




  • How much time will the course take each week?  Listening to or reading the weekly module and doing the activation takes around 30 minutes. Homework takes around 30 minutes and there are further optional exercises if you want to dive deeper. The group welcome call and the 8 weekly calls are 60 minutes duration each. So in total 3 hours for week 1 if you attend all calls, and then 2 hours per week thereafter, with the potential for longer if you want to go further in the optional exercises.
  • Must I attend all calls? It’s beneficial to attend calls if you can so that you can have live coaching with Mandy and learn through others on the program. Ultimately it’s your choice depending on your availability. Calls will be recorded so you can listen in your own time if you’re unable to attend.
  • If I want some private 1:1 time with Mandy alongside the Group course is this possible? Yes. Program participants can invest in a package of 3 thirty minute 1:1s with Mandy at a special rate.
  • I’d like to do the course 1:1 rather than in a Group is this possible? Yes and flexible start dates can be agreed.
  • Can I do Part 1 of the program without doing Part 2 or Part 2 without doing Part 1? Yes this is possible. Please discuss with Mandy your specific needs.
  • What about confidentiality? In the welcome call we contract as a group around ways of working, including confidentiality. Participation in the online group forum involves agreement to confidentiality.
  • I’ve never done a Zoom based course before, are they effective? Yes. Zoom is a video based learning environment and the gallery view cultivates a community feeling of us all being in a room together.
  • Do you offer refunds? No. Your registration is a commitment to the course.


  • I’m a leader in an organisation and I’d like to bring this program in-house for my team or leadership group to support them in adapting to change. Is this possible? Yes. Please discuss your specific needs with Mandy. Start dates can be flexed.
  • I work in leadership development and I’d like to offer this program to leaders transitioning into new roles or as part of an ongoing program of executive development. Is this possible? Yes. Please discuss your specific needs with Mandy. Start dates can be flexed.
  • I work in HR and I’d like to offer this program to people who are adjusting to the self-reliance needed in working from home in a pandemic, returning to the office post lockdown, being made redundant, or retiring. Is this possible? Yes. Please discuss your specific needs with Mandy. Start dates can be flexed.
About Mandy

I’m an experienced facilitator and coach working in the worlds of human transformation, business, and leadership. My passion is for focusing people on realising their fullest potential and expression in their work and in their world. With extensive experience working with clients in a wide range of industries and organisations, I’ve identified what enables people to live and lead well, and engage with uncertainty and change with more ease and greater reward. I’ve learned, as a fast-paced, reactive, make-it-happen, over-achiever, that it also takes inner steadiness and purposeful action to succeed.

This program takes my practical experience with a wealth of clients, and integrates many of the processes and tools proven to innovate and generate positive change. Click HERE for more about me and my credentials.

Here’s how some clients have benefited from working with Mandy

Mandy provided expert coaching during a key period in my career as I transitioned between roles. Her style enabled me to really connect mindfully with how I adapted my approach to leadership. Each session was thought provoking and very useful.

Ashley Schofield

Chief Executive Officer, giffgaff

Working with Mandy gave me a much better insight into my core values, motivators and behaviours. She provided tools to help me structure my thinking to define and create an exciting new role for myself within our business. I'm confident that many of the positive changes that Mandy has worked with me to affect are permanent and will deliver ongoing benefits to me professionally and personally. I found working with Mandy an inspiration. I have huge regard for her insight, energy, integrity and ability to engender long lasting change in others.

Amanda Blacklock

Global Marketing Director, GSK

Mandy coached me at a time when I was considering a significant change in my working arrangements / life. The value she added was that in every meeting she stress tested my perceptions of the situation and what was possible, helping me to develop ideas that were outside my current realm of thinking, to see new and different possibilities, and always to pin down actions that I would take to progress the situation. On a number of occasions I went into a session with Mandy feeling stuck and immobilised and came out feeling hopeful, energised and with a clear sense of how to move forward. The result of all this? I successfully renegotiated my working arrangements and now feel they are much more closely aligned to what is important to me in the whole of my life.
Matthew Gregory

UK Head of Learning and Development, KPMG

My coaching experience with Mandy was incredibly liberating – showing me how every moment I can create the life I want. I began working with Mandy when I was starting a new business and finding it overwhelming and all consuming. Mandy was wonderful and very containing. She helped me to identify my values and build alignment with my ways of living and working, and with the business I was creating. Through the coaching I gained clarity and insight into what was important to me and revolutionised the way I spend my time and energy both at work and at home. I am very grateful for this as it has helped me become a happier, more integrated, less stressed person. I learned decision making tools which I still refer to today, built confidence to navigate the situation I was facing, spoke up in a difficult interaction, managed my boundaries and much more. Mandy also helped me to create a vision for my life and my future which was very exciting and I continue to be amazed at how that unfolds even today. Mandy’s enthusiasm, intuition, business sense and caring make her a wonderful coach with a lot of depth in what she has to offer.

Nicky Aylward

BSc (Hons) Physio, Mindful Health and Wellness

I have worked with Mandy on various times over the last 10 years. Her insightful approach to coaching has always been a great help.

Jasper Hanebuth

Treasurer, Barclays Europe

There are definitely times in life when you reach a crossroads and things can go either way.  Redundancy can be devastating and frightening but, with the right support, can also be liberating and exciting.  I had never thought of using a coach but then I met Mandy and with her help I worked out what success meant for me and what I really wanted to achieve for the future.  I was able to turn redundancy into a brave new start and 18 months down the line I'm still thankful that I took some time get a new perspective and make the right choices for me.

Ruth Carr

Marketing Consultant, Freelance


I think Mandy is a very talented woman and coach. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a coach whether it be for personal or career. I honestly believe that if I hadn’t worked with Mandy I wouldn’t be as assimilated or as happy as I am today.

Lisa Jazwinski

Global Marketer, Bacardi

I worked with Mandy over a period of six months and in that time she helped me not just identify my strengths and how I used them, but most importantly she helped me really believe in myself and my strengths. Mandy got me to dig deep and explore actions I had taken and actions I was planning to take. By getting me to look at things from lots of different angles, I got to know myself and have much more confidence in myself as a result. This ground work has given me the springboard I needed to take charge of my career and move forward with purpose.

Harriet Avison

Head of UK Finance Risk Office, Capital One