Love Change

A Programme To Help You Thrive In Uncertainty At Work With Mandy Muckalt
  • Do you want to navigate the change in your workplace with confidence, honesty and realistic loving expectations of yourself?

  • Are you open to change and up for being shaped by it in a healthy and positive way?

  • Do you aspire to take a lead in shaping a more connected, authentic and inspired workplace environment for everyone?

The elements referred to in these questions – confidence, honesty, realistic loving expectations of yourself, openness to change, leadership and being in healthy relationships with the people and environment around you – are core aspects of a way of relating to change which supports your ability to flourish through it.

If this appeals, it is you that I have designed the LOVE CHANGE programme for. I have heard your call for a deeper level of inner connection and stability and fuller outer expression in your work and in your life. I want to help you acknowledge this call and learn the skills to cultivate and act on it.

 Programme Overview

The workplace is shifting into a new paradigm, and as is natural in such evolution, new ways of being, doing and leading are now necessary. With the right support at the right time, the workplace change going on around you can be the catalyst for your deepening confidence, connection, inspiration and engagement.

This experiential and interactive course is a doorway into the possibility of change at work being a more natural flow of events. A flow in which you participate and feel empowered. It explores how people in changing workplace environments can become confident in times of uncertainty, stay well amidst the extra demands on their energy which change involves, and make wise decisions for the future. 

Learning Outcomes
  • Make meaning of change in the context of what you really care about.
  • Understand and apply practical tools to manage the stress and discomfort of change and uncertainty.
  • Become aware of your hidden resistances to change and learn how to release them so that you can respond to change rather than react to it.
  • Understand how your physical body supports good decision making in environments of uncertainty and information overload.
  • Gain confidence in who you are and what you have to offer in a changing world.
  • Appreciate the importance of reflective learning and practice techniques.
  • Cultivate a willingness to personally change and inspire others to change also.
What Makes This Programme Especially Valuable
  • We are pioneering a new way to experience change that is based on love and power co-existing. This is radical! It also leads to you working and living with a quality that truly supports you.
  • You have the benefit of an experienced professional facilitator alongside you who has a wealth of experience of the worlds of business, transformational change and wellbeing.
  • The range of transformation techniques offered includes cognitive, somatic, contemplative and leading-edge energy psychology tools to align mind, body and breath. All the tools are easy for you to learn and apply post programme.
About Mandy

Hello! I’m an experienced facilitator and mentor with a passion for supporting people to love change and thrive. A former fast-paced, reactive, make-it-happen, over-achiever, I now advocate responsive, receptive presence and purposeful action as the ultimate skills to navigate change successfully and healthily.

This programme, Love Change, is informed by my own personal and professional journey, and integrates many of the processes and tools I’ve discovered work for clients in business who want to navigate change in a new and pioneering way. Click HERE for more about me and my credentials.

Here’s How Some Clients Have Benefited From Working With Mandy

I have recently worked with Mandy over a period of 6 months in support of a leadership course that I was undertaking. Her coaching came at a time of significant change in my life and her holistic approach to supporting individuals enabled us to have broad and powerful conversations identifying patterns and commonalities across all aspects of my life and career. Her sessions gave me fresh thinking and inspiration for the future whilst being grounded in building a strong understanding of my personal leadership strengths and how to maximise their impact. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mandy and would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Jill Long

Director of Finance & Strategic Performance, Teenage Cancer Trust

Mandy provided expert coaching during a key period in my career as I transitioned between roles. Her style enabled me to really connect mindfully with how I adapted my approach to leadership. Each session was thought provoking and very useful.

Ashley Schofield

Chief Executive Officer, giffgaff

I'm confident that many of the positive changes that Mandy has worked with me to affect are permanent and will deliver ongoing benefits to me professionally and personally. I found working with Mandy an inspiration. I have huge regard for her insight, energy, integrity and ability to engender long lasting change in others.

Amanda Blacklock

Global Marketing Director, GSK