Navigating Uncertainty

Foundations To Chart A New Path
 Group Course Begins 8 June 2020

  • Have you been thrust into an inner transition by the outer turbulence in the world? (or has the transition you were already in been uncomfortably accelerated?)
  • Are you unsure about the future and which way to go but know it’s time for a step change?
  • Are you having to spin lots of plates in work and life, play lots of roles, and meet lots of expectations, leaving you struggling to be with yourself and find space to think?
  • Do you long to recapture your innate sense of purpose and passion?

Busy high achieving people, whilst seeking to make a positive contribution in the world, can often lose themselves in the relentless demands and responsibilities of their work and life. They can feel like the hamster-on-the-wheel, trapped running round in circles, not knowing how to get off or what they truly want, yet sensing the call of the new on the horizon. Then along comes a catalytic event in the form a global pandemic and the forced pause has made them realise the call for change, in their own life or in their contribution in the world, can no longer be ignored.

If you can relate to this, it is YOU that I have designed the 8 Weeks transformational Navigating Uncertainty Programme for. I have heard your wish for inner steadiness amidst outer volatility, spaciousness within pace, deeper connection in all your relationships (including and especially the one you have with you), and a fuller more meaningful expression in your work in the world and in your life. I want to help you acknowledge this call, gather your inner resources, and learn the skills to cultivate and act on it.

 Why People Like You Join This Programme

  • To navigate the ambiguity and mess of transitions and connect with a new dream for the future from deep within you.
  • To review what matters and give yourself permission to devote time and energy to you, your fulfilment and your contribution in the world.
  • To feel centred, connected and settled inside amidst great uncertainty.
  • To rediscover deep self-trust and purpose so that you can make decisions and take action with confidence.
  • To be part of a structured, guided and confidential transformation process with a small group (8 max) of like-minded companions who become your professional and personal allies.
Here’s What’s Available For You To Learn on This Programme

  • How to be empowered in your life and work, and stand confidently and unapologetically in who you are, what you stand for, and what you offer in the world.
  • How to gain awareness of what fulfils and calls you, and build the inner receptivity and alignment needed to take action and live life and work expressing this.
  • How to cultivate inner strength and steadiness no matter what’s going on around you.
  • How to access your inner guidance and intuitive knowing so that you can make wise decisions, however complex your reality.
  • How to free yourself from limited perceptions, emotional reactivity, and expectations and success-measures that aren’t real time or authentically yours.

 What Makes This Programme Especially Valuable

  • We are pioneering a new way to generate and experience growth and transformation that holds both strength and vulnerability, and is fully inclusive. This mirrors what is being asked of us in the world right now.
  • You have the benefit of an experienced professional mentor by your side, someone who has a wealth of experience of the worlds of human transformation, business, and authentic leadership.
  • The range of transformation techniques available includes cognitive, somatic, behavioural, creative, enquiry and breath-work to align all aspects of you. The tools offered are easy for you to learn and apply post programme.


High Level Content By Module

(Detailed content will be flexed as the needs of the group emerge) 


Navigating Uncertainty is organised into Modules around two Parts


Part 1: Connect To You And Your Experience


Module 1: Meet Yourself Where You Are


This first module offers you the experience of meeting you where you are right now, with love, compassion and honesty. It is the very best place to start. It is where you currently have ground and it is the place from which you can move in an authentic way. It might be challenging, this intimate face to face with reality starting point. In many ways it is easier to not truly pause, not listen, and instead keep up the constant motion (even in a global pandemic) by setting another familiar goal to work towards, or focussing on everyone else’s expectations of you. To stand still for a while and honestly say ‘Hey where am I in my work, my leadership, my life as a whole?’ without judgment, reaction and critique takes courage and is the first skill you will master in Navigating Uncertainty.



Module 2: Inhabit Your Body


Being in your body is fundamental to you connecting with yourself because your body is your home here on earth. When you are in your body you get to feel the truth, and over time, with practise, can experience and enjoy many benefits…powerful presence, access to a broader intelligence that aids wise decision-making, a feeling of being comfortable in your own skin, a deeper awareness of what your physical body needs to thrive, and much more. Modern-day living, however, with its continual and unprecedented level of mental stimulation from the external environment, leaves us struggling to stay connected with our bodies, especially if we live or work in an urban environment. Instead we live in our heads! In module 2 we explore how your body is experiencing your current reality, and you learn practical and effective techniques to build relationship and connection with your body for more of the time each day.



Module 3: Feel Your Feelings


The capacity to feel is a beautiful and intrinsic part of being human. Being compassionately present with your feelings without reacting to them or getting stuck in them, instead allowing them to pass through you, gives you a direct route back to you and access to what you deeply care about. It also builds self-trust and confidence and offers a powerful platform for forward movement in uncertainty. A core aspect of your capacity to feel rests in the connection to your heart so in this module you learn how to build a deepening relationship with your heart and listen to what it has to say about what’s going on in your life and the world. You also choose 1-3 vulnerability buddies to be your outside of programme inner circle and sharing team. These are people you trust and who you can share your feelings with over the remainder of the programme so that you weave your Navigating Uncertainty experience into the fabric of your relationships and reality. 



Module 4: Pause To Reflect And Integrate


Here we Pause in between the first and second parts of the Programme. Module 4 offers you space to reflect on where you are and what you have learned, catch up on any areas you haven’t yet completed, repeat modules or activities where you sensed there was more for you, and integrate all that has arisen so far. 


Part 2: Re-orient To The New


Module 5: Align With Purpose


Have you ever asked yourself “Who am I?” and “What am I here for?” These are big questions. The kind that can have you running for cover and becoming so busy that there’s no space to even consider them. What I’ve come to understand through my life experience and through my coaching work is that if you don’t give the big questions attention they will find a way of getting your attention. And, if repeatedly ignored, the way they find becomes increasingly difficult and dramatic. Module 5 gives you the opportunity to be pro-active and willingly explore your purpose in a relaxed, light-hearted and curious manner as you reflect on your innate talents and strengths, what really matters, and what is calling you now. 



Module 6: Shine The Light On Your Limiting Beliefs


Limiting beliefs about yourself and what’s possible keep you safely but usually un-joyfully at a distance from your true life and potential. They tend to show up when you seek to make changes and left unexamined generate unhelpful and often unconscious orientations like striving to be perfect, self-editing, comparing yourself to others and self-judgment. All these orientations diminish your confidence in who you are and what you are capable of. They also diminish your impact in your work, your life, and the world and keep you stuck in your comfort zone. Module 6 helps you become aware of limiting beliefs that you have about yourself, shine the light on them, and apply techniques to free you from them so that you can be more empowered in life and work. 



Module 7: Express All That You Are


My wish for you, me, everyone on the planet is that we are all ourselves, on purpose, and in our full expression. Because if any one of us is less than this, we are all diminished. By expressing all that you are, you give permission to others to be this also. The gift of periods of heightened uncertainty is the opportunity to expand beyond what you thought was possible and become more you. When you arrive in module 7 you have already travelled far within you and begun the process of re-orienting to a new path. You’re ready now to connect with and experience the person you are without the self-editing, holding back and limiting yourself. It’s time to explore your expression in its fullest sense, beyond verbal communication, into the realms of what you do in the world, how you move through life, the momentum you experience, and the impact you make. This expansion in our understanding of expression and how to embody it is our work in Module 7. 



Module 8: Completion


Completion of Navigating Uncertainty isn’t about being ‘finished’. It means you have been through a process which gives you access to the inner blue-print of charting a new path in the great unknown, and all the associated benefits this brings for you personally, for those around you, and for the world. You now have the nourishment of our experience together as a group and a valuable pioneering toolkit of activations and exercises from which you can draw as you venture forth. In our final module together we experience and appreciate the person you were at the outset of the programme, the person you are now as you complete the programme, and the person you will become post programme.


Here’s What’s Included
  • Monday 8 June: Group Welcome Call via Zoom video conferencing
  • 8 subsequent group live calls on Thursdays as follows:

Connect To You And Your Experience

11 June: Module 1 Meet Yourself Where You Are

18 June: Module 2 Inhabit Your Body

25 June: Module 3 Feel Your Feelings


2 July: Module 4 Pause To Reflect And Integrate Integration Call


Re-orient To The New

9 July: Module 5 Align With Purpose

16 July: Module 6 Shine The Light On Your Limiting Beliefs

23 July: Module 7 Express All That You Are


30 July: Module 8 Completion Completion Call


  • Audio recordings of each Module. These recordings, released on Monday mornings, contain an overview of the theme of the Module, training input, activations and homework. The first audio recording for module 1 is released immediately following the Welcome call on Monday 8 June, the recording for module 2 is released on Monday 15 June etc.
  • Written PDFs of the audio content released alongside the recordings to inspire the visual learners amongst you.
  • Weekly homework practises and reflections designed to promote insight, new habit formation and new ways of being in the world.
  • An online forum if the group want that.
  • Navigating Uncertainty Traveller’s Guidebook to support your navigation of course material.
  • Navigating Uncertainty Route Map And Learning Log for you to complete as you move through the course as a way of monitoring your progress.
  • A full course manual released at the end of the course.
You’ll Also Receive These Complimentary Bonuses 
  • BONUS 1: A guest speaker in our Pause week to be announced upon commencement of the Programme when the unique blend of the Group is apparent.
  • BONUS 2: A Group reconnect call on 27 August 2020, 4 weeks after Completion.

I have just finished the Journey Back To You programme and I have to say it was an amazing journey. The structure of the sessions every week is thoughtfully constructed, flows very naturally and Mandy also has the intuition and skill to allow flexibility where there are specific issues that come up that may not "fit" with that week! She is an incredible individual, who has the ability to engage so genuinely and fully that it is quite humbling. I always finish a session feeling motivated, invigorated and with a positive feeling deep inside. It is a special gift to be able to engage in this way over video - but Mandy is able to deliver on her promise. I would highly recommend joining for the next programme or program depending on your location and I would be happy to give more feedback directly to anyone who is contemplating taking part.

Tracy Isacke

Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank

Mandy is an insightful, caring and thoughtful coach. Because she can work with energy... she can penetrate to the emotional energy that lies behind the story we tell ourselves and gets to the heart of the matter…the real issue that is blocking our path. I love that. In my opinion Mandy is the coaches coach, because as coaches we hold a lot of energy for other people.  I would not feel comfortable divulging these confidences but working with Mandy...leaves my clients anonymous and the release easy.  I don’t work in my head with Mandy, I work to release through my body and my energy.  I find working like that so much easier and a relief. It is a wonderful, enlightening and lightning experience. If you are at a crossroads in life, wondering which direction to take, or perhaps need some energetic space clearing from old wounds then I would HIGHLY recommend working with Mandy.

Adele Stickland

Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Get Gorgeous

Investment For Group Navigating Uncertainty Programme

This is a one time only price to reflect the unique place we’re all in across the globe.

Upon booking you’ll receive the Navigating Uncertainty Travellers’ Guide to support your navigation of course material and Part 1 of the Route Map and Learning Log.

For information on the 1:1 Navigating Uncertainty Programmes starting each week in June and July please email

About Mandy

I’m an experienced facilitator and mentor with a passion for supporting people to live their fullest potential and expression in their work and in the world. A former fast-paced, reactive, make-it-happen, over-achiever, I now advocate inner steadiness and purposeful action as the ultimate qualities for people to live and work with true success.

This programme, Navigating Uncertainty, is informed by my own personal journey, and integrates many of the processes and tools I’ve discovered work for clients who want to engage in the unknown as an invitation for enhanced awareness, innovation and change. Click HERE for more about me and my credentials.


  • How much time will the course take each week?  Listening to or reading the weekly module and performing the activation takes around 30 minutes. Homework takes around 30 minutes. There are 6 modular calls of 30 minutes duration and 3 longer calls (welcome, integration and completion) of 60 minutes. All together, on average approximately 100 minutes weekly, although that can vary with how deep you want to dive into the learning content and the extent to which you participate in the optional homework activities.
  • Must I attend all calls? It’s your choice whether you attend calls. If you participate you can enjoy sharing, learning through others and live coaching.
  • If I want some private 1:1 time with Mandy is this possible? Course participants can invest in a package of 3 forty-five minute 1:1s with Mandy at a special course rate of £499 for the package.
  • What about confidentiality? In the welcome call we contract as a group around ways of working, including confidentiality.
  • I’ve never done a Zoom based course before, are they effective? Yes. Zoom is a video based learning environment and the gallery view cultivates a community feeling of us all being in a room together.
  • Do you offer refunds? No. Your registration is a commitment to the course.
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